Using virtual reality to create meaningful immersive experiences

The best feature of a mobile phone is that it comes with so many sensors inbuilt. These sensors, if used properly can give your mobile app an amazing context. Your phone knows its location, physical orientation, outside temperature, direction, movement speed etc. It also knows who your friends are and how frequently you call them. Combining all these inputs, we can create a reality that is user specific, in the context of his/her current location and state. A common example of this could be that when a user is standing in a street of New York and looking towards north through the mobile camera, your app can know all these things through GPS, Gyrometer and compass and then fetch what should be there in the front of the camera through Google maps API and then show in real time, all the restaurants on the camera screen. User can keep moving or turn its camera and the restaurant info will change in real time.

Our stint with Augmented reality

Right from the beginning, we have been obsessed with creating a user experience that is beyond the norms of "the usual". Coming from a strong multimedia background, we have always tried using multitudes of senses, whenever possible, in creating the "wow" feeling with our users/customers. In the smartphone era, technology has provided us with immense opportunity for going beyond the regular point-and-click inputs and visual outputs. We're now breaking the ceiling to create new intelligent virtual reality experiences that will both be useful and immersive.

One of our recent projects involves just looking at the floor plan for a residential project in the brochure, and the entire apartment comes out in 3D space. The user can move around the floor plan and see the whole plan in 3 dimensions and feel the whole place interactively.

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