Facebook App

Facebook is seen as a website for connecting people. Now there are various apps that can be created to connect with users.

There are various types of custom Apps within your Fan Page to make your page truly dynamic. There can be Trivia, quizzes, games, contests, your store locator, you can integrate with other social media platform and chats can be activated on your Page. Building custom tabs is what sets your Page apart from your competitors and attracts more customer engagement.

Successful company's Facebook pages do an excellent job of engaging their community. They listen more than they speak. And if you listen carefully, your fans will tell you exactly what does and doesn't work about your product/service. But in order to start that open conversation, your customers need to feel that you're genuinely devoted to listening to their feedback and that you'll use the feedback to improve your product for them.

Versatylo creates a Facebook app that is interesting, practical, weaved into your overall marketing campaign, engaging, and has a viral impact as well as increases customer visibility. And we’re not just interested in developing custom apps for your company but we want to work with you every step of the way in building a buzzing community around it. Count on us to deliver top of the line customer service with our development and marketing services to increase brand exposure for the acquisition of customers and clients as well as increase brand loyalty to your customers.

Create a personalized brand experience TODAY! Get more options with versatility and innovation.

Hire Facebook App Developers

Save up to 200% on your programming cost. Hire a dedicated full-time resource from us and insulate yourself from worries of keeping an in-house employee. This also saves you from infrastructural and recruitment commitments.

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