Interactive Collaterals

In this digital age, when shoppers are gravitating to online shopping due to ease of shopping or may be because of time constraints; the online marketing collateral has become an essential tool.

It is a collection of material for marketing and sales of a product or a service. Businesses use marketing collaterals to communicate their message to the consumers. These media aids enhance the sales and projects the brand image.

A company needs collateral items not only for its consumers but also for its investors, employees, potential clients and media. You have to keep focus on your audience/ target customers. If it is a consumer audience, communicate great user experience — product or service benefit — and a call-to action. If it is a B2B audience, communicate the benefit using a rational appeal and a call-to-action. B2B marketing strategies are designed differently because the business buyer is more sophisticated than your average B2C buyer. He understands your product and services and wants to know more about them. So, the information he needs is more complex and your marketing material needs to provide him with the properly researched content. In contrast, B2C marketing is more visual and has to capture the buyers’ attention almost instantly.

Various collaterals developed by Versatylo include:

  • Brochures / Flyers
  • Newsletters
  • Fact Sheets
  • Data Sheets
  • Web Content
  • Sales Presentations
  • Other printed & electronic promotional items

Hire Collateral Professionals

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