Mobile Games Development

Mobile games are the fastest growing category in the global gaming industry, fuelled by the explosion of mobile devices and the ever increasing need for mobility.

"The market of games for mobile phones and tablets is already bigger than the PC game market, and within three years it will approach 85 percent of the market of console games, which is still generating the highest revenues."

Mobiles are tiny little gadgets that have limited battery power and processing speed. However, these gadgets come with nifty little hardware chips that lets you take the excitement to the next level. E.g. with GPS you know the exact location of the player, with Gyroscope, Compass and Accelerometer, you know the orientation of the user and the device. With these inputs, one can think of engagement that goes way beyond simple click or touch or swipe.

With possibilities come the complexities, we need to consider the screen sizes, device orientation (Landscape/Portrait), screen resolutions to create a game that works well on all the devices. On top of that, we need to rigorously work to reduce the battery and processor consumption as much as possible.

Hire a dedicated mobile app developer

Save up to 200% on your programming cost. Hire a dedicated full-time resource from us and insulate yourself from worries of keeping an in-house employee. This also saves you from infrastructural and recruitment commitments.

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