Pay per click

Paid Marketing is a fast and reliable way to generate traffic to your website. The campaigns that our expert team creates are reliable and targeted to deliver results within a stipulated time. We are well equipped to handle such marketing campaigns of any size.

Google Ad-words

Google has by far the highest traffic that any company would love to attract. Therefore, it’s natural that Ad-words should become the most important factor of your paid campaign. We analyze the key words related to your website and provide you with ad campaigns that are specifically targeted to your target demographics and customer profile and are minutely measured for their respective effectiveness.

Life Beyond Google

Although Google is the most famous advertising platform, it is not the only one. In fact it is more prudent to diversify your ads spend across, Bing, Banner Distribution Networks and custom banners on specifically targeted websites. This ensures that your traffic is coming from different channels and you’re not relying on one channel too heavily. For certain types of websites, Bing ads may be cheaper and may have better conversion rates compared to Google ads. This can only be tracked by actually running those campaigns and monitoring them regularly.

Video Ads

Ever seen static ads on Youtube Videos or specific video ads that show before the video starts? It's a very effective medium of advertising and has a high brand recall. If you have the budget, it is definitely worth looking at.

Hire Pay per click Professionals

Save up to 200% on your programming cost. Hire a dedicated full-time resource from us and insulate yourself from worries of keeping an in-house employee. This also saves you from infrastructural and recruitment commitments.

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